Think Energy's Race to Protect the Rainforest

Think Energy and One Tribe are banding together to safeguard rainforests with every customer who signs up for electricity or Think Community Solar. Now, when you choose Think Energy as your electricity provider or take part in our Think Community Solar program, you are committing to a more sustainable future.

Our commitment at Think Energy focuses on clean, affordable electricity from wind, solar, and hydro power sources, as well as promoting local solar energy generation through Think Community Solar. In collaboration with One Tribe, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions on a larger scale.

Think Energy will protect 50 trees in the rainforest for each new customer enrolled in our clean electricity or community solar service!

Working as one tribe to Think about our planet more.

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Our partnership with One Tribe furthers our commitment to be a leader in sustainability as protecting old growth forests is unmatched in its ability to sequester carbon and support rich biodiversity.

Michael Fallquist

CEO, Think Energy

For every customer who signs up with Think Energy or our Think Community Solar program, you automatically save trees in the rainforest. This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing Co2 in our atmosphere and instantly improves our customer’s carbon footprint. One Tribe connects Think Energy and our customers to rainforest protection projects and tracks the impact in real-time.

1. You Enroll

When you choose Think Energy as your electricity provider or join in our Think Community Solar program, we make a donation on your behalf.

2. We Protect

All donations are certified by One Tribe and transferred to the conservation partners to save 50 trees.

3. We all Reduce Co2

Funds are allocated to rainforest projects that help reduce and store Co2 from our atmosphere.

Why protect the rainforests?

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, the natural solution to climate change that removes Co2 from our atmosphere would be to do whatever we can to help preserve it. Becoming a customer of Think Energy has directly helped protect them.

Think Instant Climate Action!

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How does One Tribe help us protect the rainforest?

One Tribe connects Think Energy directly to rainforest protection charities through the platform so that every sign up can directly donate and protect rainforests, indigenous tribes, and biodiversity that call them home. The rainforest charities then fund on-the-ground projects to save and continually protect the land.

How are the funds distributed?

With every customer that joins Think Energy, One Tribe collects a payment. That payment is then distributed to the restoration projects via One Tribe’s conservation teams to continue the protection of threatened rainforests.

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