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Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

As a competitive retail electric service provider (CRES Provider) certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Think Energy makes sure you have all of the information needed to make the best decision in choosing the right electric company for your home and family.

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Electricity Service Areas

Not all areas are deregulated, but the Ohio Electric Choice is open to most of the state. Think Energy supplies electricity in the following electric distribution areas.

Electric Utilities:

Natural Gas Utilities:

Understanding Your Electric Bill

Your bill comes from your local distribution company and is split into two parts:

  1. Delivery: These are the costs to maintain the electric grid and deliver electricity from its point of generation to your location. This service is provided by the distribution company for your service area, and you will see specific charges from the company.
  2. Supply: This portion covers the cost to generate the electricity you use and is charged to you by a CRES Provider (like Think Energy) or your local distribution company if you are on default service.

For a more information, click on the sample bills:

Ohio Energy Deregulation

In early 2001, Ohio Electric Choice went into effect meaning that residents have the opportunity to choose the CRES Provider that provides the generation of their electricity. The ability to select a CRES Provider in a deregulated market means that residents can compare several electricity plans apples-to-apples and select the offer that works best for them.

Think Energy understands you might have questions regarding energy deregulation or who Think Energy is. We strive to provide answers to all of your questions, please call us at 866-252-0078.

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