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Think Energy is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to be an electric generation supplier (EGS). We understand you have a choice when it comes to selecting your EGS and wants to provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision when it comes to selecting the right electricity company.

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Electricity Service Area

Serving Pennsylvania, Think Energy supplies electricity to residents and businesses within the service area of the following distribution companies.

Electric Utilities:

Natural Gas Utilities:

Understanding Terms and Language of Your Bill

Distribution Charge — Charges for the use of local wires, transformers, substations and other equipment used to deliver electricity to end-use consumers from the high voltage transmission lines. The Public Utility Commission regulates distribution prices and services.

Generation Changes –Charges for electricity supply that are set by the EGS you have chosen.

Pennsylvania's Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act

In the fall of 1996, Pennsylvania enacted the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, which allows residences to shop for competitive rates on the generation portion of their electric bill. According to PennFuture, this act has helped lower electric rates in Pennsylvania significantly. For example, in 1996, Pennsylvania's electric rates were 15 percent higher than the national average, and in 2006, they were 5 percent lower than the national average.

We understands that you might have questions regarding energy deregulation or about Think Energy, please feel free to call our customer support at 866-252-0078.

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